1. an illustration for this extremely-difficult-to-illustrate piece in the New York Times yesterday (Fathers Day)

  2. Coming soon from Penguin Essentials.
    This was fun. I’m very available to design more book covers for classic literature, everyone.

  4. silkscreen poster design for these Victory Academy benefit shows where they’ll be playing Castaways and Cutouts in its entirety; this one’s for the Decemberists nerds

    edit: I just discovered a typo on this. Can you find it, super fans?

  5. painting en plein air with my old neighbor Jodi Burton who is a total pro; this little house is my studio

  6. and another from HOME, which is about homes: of the apartment, french, undersea, etc. variety

  7. a spread from HOME (by me!) published by Candlewick next February

  8. working very hard on a book and dreaming of spring break here

  9. Learn about Victory Academy (our son’s school) and its capital campaign to build a new school here. You can always donate money directly to the school, which has non-profit status, on their website. Thanks!

  10. still working on wallpaper for our book room; trying to come up with a color scheme we can all live with